Old Friends

April 5, 2022

I bought some new paper and grabbed a 2B pencil to draw this one. The 4B in my previous drawings tends to smudge a lot and it’s hard to draw details with the relatively soft graphite point.

The scenery in this drawing is based on some old ruins of a little factory in an area I occasionally walk in. I imagined a small mechanical critter living there that is friendly towards an old man who frequents the sight.

To wrap my head around the perspective I made a little mockup of the scene in Blender and pointed the camera downward. That way I could eyeball perspective guides onto the paper (and on the table) to get an idea of the vanishing points and how the light falls across the objects.

In terms of technique I wanted to push the details even more and also play with harsh summer sun light and contrasting shadows. This made it quite the study in values; I tweaked the line weight a lot in various places to enhance or soften the dark areas.

Final illustration - 2B pencil on A3 125 gsm paper

Final illustration - 2B pencil on A3 125 gsm paper